Name Basilio Márquez y Eclipse
Lineup Basilio Márquez MD, trumpet and flugelhorn
Moises Márquez saxophone and flute
Cristino Márquez bass (acoustic & electric)
Alexander M. Ochoa piano
Rafael Gavilan trumpet and timbales
Eduardo Ramirez drums
Gaspar Sanchez congas
Rafael Tarin percussion
Genre Latin jazz - Afro Cuban
Origin Cuba
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_Eclipse total

"Basilio Márquez is among the best of the new generation of trumpet players, from his work as director of his first group "Caisimú", the brillance he brings to Irakere, and now he surprises us with the new group "Eclipse", an incredible band of young talent. His first recording (Eclipse Total) is phenomenal first class music." Chucho Valdés

_Basilio Márquez y Eclipse

Like the celestial phenomenon offered by mother nature on rare occasions, the septet Eclipse was founded by Basilio Márquez in 1995 to interpose new musical currents and forms on those of his native province Las Tunas in eastern Cuba. One of the youngest and most talented groups to emerge from Las Tunas, the group was an immediate success in Cuba, Mexico and Spain with its creative interpretations of traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms.
In 1996, Márquez's virtuoso trumpet attracted the attention of Cuban maestro Chucho Valdés who invited him to join Cuba's premiere jazz band, Irakere, as lead trumpet. While Márquez continues to perform with Irakere, he also directs and performs with Eclipse.

Márquez infuses the element of Latin jazz to the Eclipse repertory of traditional Afro Cuban music and introduces original arrangements of Cuban classics from the early 20th century like "La Bella Cubana" by José White and "La Salida de Cecilia Valdés of Gonzalo Roig. The result is explosive, offering new and expansive vehicles for artistic expression by these seven virtuoso musicians. The brass line is second to none in bravura, accompanied by innovative percussion. The special musical tonalities and rhythmic traditions of Las Tunas combined with modern jazz improvisations makes this ensemble unique among Cuban groups.

In summer 1999, the Jazz Institute of Chicago invited Basilio Márquez to be musician in recidency, and Eclipse was invited to perform at the
Chicago World Music Festival 2001.

In addition, Márquez regularly records with outstanding Cuban musicians including Pablo Milanés, Manolito Simonet and Cesar 'Pupy' Pedroso.
In summer 2002 he toured in Europe with famed sax player David Murray as part of Murray's Havana Moods project. Summer 2003 with Irakere, the 30 years anniversary tour, Autumn 2003 with David Murray in his Latin Big Band.

Eclipse emerges as the third generation of musical talent in the Márquez family of Las Tunas. The roots were planted by Lorenzo Márquez, renowed master of the "tres", the traditional three note guitar. Five of Lorenzo's children also became musicians. Flautist and clarinet player Basilio Márquez, father of the founder and director of Eclipse, organizedthe popular typical orchestra of Las Tunas known as Ritmo de la Juventud, which included two of his brothers as well as the father of Eclipse drummer Eduardo Ramirez.